The Wellbeing Training Compa​​ny

Creating measurable social impact

Designed to enhance population health, Don’t Tone Alone CIC robustly monitors & evaluates each individual’s journey to improved wellbeing. Our innovative social reporting systems are able to demonstrate an effective return on investment.

The journey to improved wellbeing


One of our experienced community managers & health coaches will schedule a meeting with your users to take them through the platform, so that they can get the most of their experience. The onboarding session will also capture general information about users through an informal interview to understand their wellbeing journey to-date, and set the direction for their wellbeing journey with us.


It is important that users utilise the platform straight away and start engaging with trainers, exercise classes, and competitions, in order to start creating habits and take the necessary first step on their path to improved wellbeing. Don't Tone Alone CIC has designed specific tools in order to boost engagement which are incentivised with various rewards.


Taking responsibility of one's wellbeing journey means creating an internal locus of control. In doing so, Don't Tone Alone CIC's mission to help people express themselves from the inside-out, rather than the outside-in, is achieved. At this stage, we ask users to join accountability groups and start to curate their own path to further wellbeing holistically. Users will look at how to grow their wellbeing beyond the platform in a way that works for them, and embed healthy living further into their lives.


At stage four, users will be looking to progress what they do as healthy habits are now part of daily life. It may mean setting new goals with health coaches, or even looking at joining inperson groups outside the platform to scale their exercise training. Whatever the progression, Don't Tone Alone CIC will support users to leap towards a sustainably healthier future.