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We get it – life is complex. You may not have the time, money, or energy to manage your health and well-being as best you like. But, by signing up to the "DTA Well-Being Members Zone" you have access to a huge range of resources and services.

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DTA Well-Being Members Zone

Gain access to our recipes, help-sheets, videos, articles and a wealth of resources that help you to:

  • Be able to construct your own workouts through exercise tutorials and on-demand exercise classes with DTA’s specialist trainers
  • Be able to create peace of mind and moments of calm using our breathing exercises, meditations, & visualisations
  • Be able to start the day well and set yourself up with positive emotions and feelings of accomplishment using our techniques to cultivate morning habits
  • Be able to recharge with a blissful night’s sleep or power nap, using our sleep meditations and bed-time stories.
  • Be able to set goals and motivate yourself to achieve them, using our in-app Motivation short-course.
  • Be able to eat healthily in a way that works for you without diets or counting calories using our resources and recipes.
  • Be able to access a community of like-minded people going through similar health & fitness journeys to you.
  • Be able to improve your knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and all things wellness through fact sheets, eBooks, and exclusive webinars.
  • Be able to contact and book specialist, advanced health & fitness trainers for 1-to-1 training and coaching

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DTA Well-Being Members Zone 'Plus'

Includes all of the resources, information and support that you get with our standard "DTA Well-Being Members Zone" membership, plus:

  • Telephone & Online GP Appointments
  • Online Physiotherapy Appointments
  • Mental Health Bootcamps
  • Discounted Gym Memberships
  • Shopping Savings
  • Discounted Eye Care
  • Discounted Private Health Cover
  • Free Lottery
  • Cancer Insurance
  • Cycle-to-Work Schemes
  • Money Advice
  • Travel Club
  • Business Skills Courses

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